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Tiffany O’Leary

In 2016, my world began to turn upside down. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, I began to have the ability to interact with Archangels and Ascended Masters from the higher divine realms. Not understanding what was happening to me, at first, I quickly realized I was going through an awakening. Looking back, I understand that I had actually been slowly going through an awakening since 2010, but the shift that happened in 2016 accelerated my awakening and my divine gifts had begun to open up. Because I, then, had the awareness of what was happening to me, I was able to consciously heal myself, open up my gifts, activate and upgrade my DNA, and much more. I was able to raise my energetic frequency, so that my Higher-Self (5D) had the ability to integrate into my physical self (3D), and help me become my authentic self. I followed the guidance of my Divine team and did the inner work that I needed to do, to become a master of myself, so that I could help others and teach them to do the same. The ones who are on the ascension path in this lifetime, are here to learn how to become their own Ascended Masters.

The awakening of humanity is happening in waves of people, because energetically it is too much to happen to everyone at once. I awakened in one of the first waves so that I could help others through their journey. A lot of people are experiencing their awakening, but they do not understand what is actually happening to them. Contrary to popular belief, the ascension journey is not all sunshine and rainbows, although as you heal, it becomes that way more and more. It is a hard and painful journey with a lot of ups and downs for a while, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. If your Soul chose to go through an awakening during this lifetime, it will happen. The more you resist and try to bury the pain, and ignore the karmic cycles you are meant to break, the harder it will become. Your Soul wants to heal all your past-life and present life wounds; and clear out and break karmic cycles that you have been stuck in, playing out lifetime after lifetime. You need to go through this process so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency, a divine frequency, and as painful as it is, eventually you will see the blessings that all of that pain gave you. The ascension process is like going through several initiations, and once you get to a certain point in your healing, you would never dream of taking back any of that pain. Every little bit of your suffering will have been worth what you will be experiencing in your life after you have healed the majority of your Soul.

Healing is a process and it takes time, and you have to be willing to do the inner work. So, if you are looking for someone to help you cope with or ignore a problem, I would suggest going to see a therapist, because that is not what I will help you do. I am not going to give you coping mechanisms to help you bury the issues at a mental level. That does not solve anything and when your Soul forces those issues back up, so they can be dealt with, it will be 10x worse than it was before. I am here to help you HEAL at a soul level. My goal is to have your wounds healed and gone, not just temporarily covered up and ignored. When you heal at a soul level (spiritual), you will notice you’re also healing at a mental, emotional and physical level. The frequency of your energetic field affects everything, including your physical health. I am here to help you find the wound, understand it, accept it, heal it, and let it go. The more you heal yourself the more liberated you will feel, and the more you will become your authentic self. As you go through the healing process and you clean up your energetic field, your frequency will vibrate at a higher rate and your Divine team will be able to give you DNA upgrades, activations, and downloads, they will be able to open your intuitive divine gifts and much more. The ascension journey is a bumpy and wild ride; but, at a certain point, it becomes nothing short of amazing. After having gone through it myself, I have insight and techniques to help people make their journey smoother, get through it quicker, understand what they are going through, help them grow and help them become their authentic self.

If you would like my help, please go to my Services page for the types of sessions I offer. Also, if you have any questions about which session is best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email.


  • Soul Realignment Certification
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Reiki Practitioner Certification
  • Quantum Touch Level 1 Certification