Akashic Records

Each soul has its own set of akashic records, that can be accessed in the akashic library at the 5th dimensional level. The akashic library is like an energetic super highway that resides outside of time and space. Simply put, you can think of it as the internet for our souls. Our akashic record is an energetic database that stores every choice that we’ve ever made.

Our souls are multidimensional and we exist at all dimensional levels. Quantum physics recognizes 10 dimensions. Our physical body is our 3rd dimensional aspect, our minds are our 4th dimensional aspect, and our souls are everything that is in the 5th dimension and above.

For a better understanding:

  • The 3rd dimension (3D) includes our physical bodies, ego, 5 senses, and physical things we can use our 5 senses to detect. This is the densest and heaviest dimension and we manifest the slowest here.
  • The 4th dimension (4D) is where we experience dark and light. This is the dimension of the mind, healing, the past, the future and multiple timelines.
  • The 5th dimension (5D) and up is where our higher selves exist; and where we find the akashic library and akashic records for each soul. This is where we realize there are infinite possibilities, who we are at a soul level, and much more.

As a human, we align our Divine Soul Blueprint through choice. Aligning to our soul through choice, gives us tremendous access to vital force (creative) energy at the 3D level. The result of aligning our choices is always abundance—an abundance of health, physical vitality, love, money, fulfillment and time.

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