Are Our Fears Being Programmed?

Do you ever ask yourself where your fears come from? Or why you even have them? Take public speaking, for example, it’s known as one of people’s biggest fears. Why do you think that is? What happened to you to make you decide that you were afraid? Or were you even the one to decide? I guess a better question would be is, who told you that was your fear?

Fear comes from the ego; and it does not reside in the heart, it resides in the mind. Fear is an energetic program; and societal conditioned fears dis- empower you, and open you up to others control and manipulation. If you can get people to live in fear then you can get them to believe anything you want, sell them anything you want, and control them in any way you want. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that, as soon as one fear that’s meant to push people in one direction starts to fade; the organizations, industries and media will come up with another fear to push people in another direction. They don’t care if the fear they are pushing is true or not, because they do it for power and profit.

I wish I could go back to the days of being a child before societal conditioning fully set in. Up until age 7 our minds are at a lower level of consciousness. This means that children live more through the subconscious, which is also the level in which people are hypnotized. This is when we are programmed by not only societal conditions and beliefs, but our parents’ conditions and beliefs. Children under 7 years old, are open and fearless because their minds have yet to be fully conditioned. As they get older, they are exposed to school, organizations, industries, media and many other influencers’ who seek power and profit. And slowly their fearlessness and ability to discern truth dwindles away and they give into the manipulation and control of fear.

As we become programmed, we tend to become reactive to fears, which only causes more problems for ourselves and others. Step back from your conditioning for a minute, detach, and consider that the things you have been programmed to believe aren’t true; then turn on the T.V. and watch the news. If you are able to detach from your conditioning you will see all the fear mongering clear as day. People are purposely being conditioned to live in fear, but if you go outside and talk to your neighbors and the community, that’s not real life. However, the people that are conditioned, are reactive to those fears, so they start to cause chaos and try to influence others to live in fear with them. These incidences that you see on the T.V. are not the norm, nor as common as they are made out to be. A lot of them are even purposely created to keep the narrative alive. Yet, these problems are what the news chooses to show you, rather than the good things happening, because if you’re in fear they can control you.

I want to bring your awareness to how our neurofunctions actually change when we are in a state of fear. Both the chemistry in our bodies change, and our bodies stress hormones change the way our brain operates.  When we go into a state of fear our stress hormones will squeeze the blood vessels shut in the forebrain. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for conscious reasoning and logical thinking. It then forces the blood into the hindbrain, which is where we operate in a reactive behavior. So at this point you aren’t thinking at all, and instead you’re just reacting with a stimulus response.

So, the more we are engaging with fear, we are actually becoming more ignorant and less intelligent. In turn causing people to be more receptive to resolutions that are provided by people in power, who were, conveniently the ones who were selling us the fear in the first place. This results in people becoming further dis-empowered, and that power is disbursed among the few that are making decisions for the masses. Unless you are OK with giving away your power, you need to be conscious of the manipulating taking place. For example, when the media tells you this person is good or this person is bad: or when the health industry “scientists” tell you that you should eat this or you shouldn’t eat that, question who is paying for them to tell you that, and how it could benefit them. If you can’t discern what is true or not, for the time being, the best thing you can do is to stop engaging; break free from that control and take back your power.

To get you thinking, go back to my example about public speaking. Could you imagine what would happen if people weren’t afraid to stand up in public and speak their truth? If everyone was publicly speaking truth, the people in power would have a hard time controlling the masses. If you really think about it, it’s hard not to ask yourself; since we were children, were we intentionally told that public speaking is the number one fear? Were we programmed to be quiet, so that the people in power could control the narrative? What other programs have we been living our lives with, and are we still being programmed?

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