Do You Know Your Souls Role in Your Wounds?

What I’m about to write will most likely cause one of two reactions. One reaction will trigger you and cause you to become defensive; because you’re most likely still conditioned with the victim-hood mentality that we were all programmed with beginning before age 7. The other likely reaction will be quite the opposite. If you are evolved to a certain point and have transcended societal programming, you will probably read this and think that this makes so much sense. You will feel like you’re being opened up to truth, that you haven’t seen before, and you will resonate with what I’m writing. When you resonate with things you read or hear, that is your Higher Self’s way of telling you its true. Your Soul uses feeling to help you discern what is true or false, however most people have been programmed to think logically what could be true, instead of feeling what is true. So, their discernment isn’t very developed yet, but it develops more and more as we clear out old programming. Now, if you are someone who resonates with this, it should bring you clarity and understanding, which in turn will hopefully bring you some peace.

Let’s start with the truth about your Soul, deep wounds, and karma. The truth is that deep seated wounds are part of your karma from past-life patterns that have not been broken or healed. You can create more wounds throughout your life, by the kinds of choices that you make. YOU created that karma in past 3D lives and YOU create karma now. I want to make that clear, because if you can understand that you are responsible you will have so much more power over your life. You won’t feel the need to blame and get mad at other people, because you will understand that things are actually happening FOR you and not to you. I know its cliché, but it’s true so it’s in your best interest to accept it. Karma is created in the 3D and can only be resolved in the 3D. If you don’t know what I mean when I say 3D, it’s the 3rd dimension, the physical plane, which is the lowest frequency. Karma is neutral, so whether you create positive karma or negative karma is up to you; just know that what you create is what you will get back.

For those who always feel the need to get revenge or think things aren’t fair, another good thing to know about karma is that it comes in cycles. For example, if you were in a horrible relationship and that person cheated, lied, and betrayed you, you have to know that, that person will get their karma. The problem for you, however, may be the karma isn’t coming fast enough. It’s not your job to serve karma, it’s the Universes job. If you try to do the Universes job for it, realize it will come back and do that same job for you. So, back to the example; if that person were to immediately get into another relationship, and the person they were with now did to them what they did to you, it would not have the effect on them that would be needed. That person is still in the same frequency, and the same old patterns that they were in when they were with you. They have not evolved enough, yet, to see that what they did actually hurt you; let alone evolved enough for them to actually care and have compassion for you about it. However, a few years down the road when they have evolved, and are in a position to be genuinely hurt, that is when the karma will play out. The lag time isn’t always years, it could be days, weeks, months or even their next lifetime; but there is a is lag time, because they need to be at the point that they will actually be hurt and able to reflect on how they hurt others so they can develop compassion. We evolve through pain and struggle; and there is no point in having karma play out if you don’t, yet, have the ability to learn the lesson that is needed to grow.

As harsh as it sounds to tell you that it’s your fault that your Soul’s karma is playing out right away, as an innocent child, it doesn’t make it not true. Throughout your whole life you’ve all heard people ask the question “why do bad things happen to good people” over and over again, this past-life karma is one of the reasons why. People also like to say how people don’t deserve things that happen because they’re good people; and yes, that’s true from one perspective, the human perspective. Humans are pretty low on the totem pole as far as the perspective that matters, because for the most part the average human can’t see much more than 1% of truth. That changes as you evolve and you begin to see beyond the veil of illusion and start to see the truth of “reality”.

Another big part of what we experience in our lives is based on what our Soul chose for us to experience in this lifetime. Our Souls all have their own lesson plan, in which they choose what life lessons to try to evolve past, and the way those lessons will be experienced. I know people think we all have freewill, and we do to a point; and some more than others depending on their life purpose. We can choose what we eat, or what we wear, or other similar choices that don’t really matter in the big scheme of things. But our Soul’s will overrides our human freewill, and even the Soul has levels above it that overrides it’s will. The one freewill that we have as humans, that actually matters, is the will to resist or allow. Our Soul’s plan will play out for us, and if we choose to resist, we will just make it harder and more painful for ourselves each time. The lesson will have to keep playing over and over again until the result is so painful that you consciously force yourself to heal and evolve. You might tell yourself that your Soul would never choose this for you, but yes, it would and it did. Your Soul is not in this dimension, so it doesn’t know what lower vibrations such as hurt, anger, fear and pain feel like. So, your Soul chooses your experiences based on knowing how you will best evolve, not from how it would feel, because it doesn’t know what it feels like. Rather than resist, the other choice is to allow, which most of us don’t do until a certain point into our ascension, because it’s hard. Even when you’re evolved to that point it’s hard, and you still don’t always do it. We have all been told for so long that we have control over everything and that’s not completely true. Your Soul knows what it is doing and the best thing you can do is trust it and align with it. Your Soul is trying to get you to a point of joy, love and fulfillment, but change and letting go scares people. The unknown scares people so they resist, because they feel like they need control. Let go of control so you can allow yourself to go through your ascension process and live your most fulfilling life.

One last thing I want to write about are generational patterns and curses, because there are so many old souls incarnated right now that are doing this clearing work. There are old souls, whose souls have made the choice to break and heal generational patterns and curses that have been running through bloodlines for centuries. We have chosen this responsibility because we are strong enough and evolved enough to do it. This could also be one of the reasons you experience bad things, even though you make good choices in this life. This is a good thing to know, for those of you who want to break patterns and curses, so they are not passed down to your children. So, pay attention to your patterns and see if you have similar patterns as your family members and past family members; you may just have them because your Soul is wanting you to break them and clear that karma for the your entire bloodline.

I know, that what I am writing might sound harsh to a lot of you, but it’s up to you whether you take into consideration what I am writing. Everyone is at their own point in their evolution and on their own journey. This could resonate with you now or not, maybe in time it will resonate with you, and maybe never. Whatever you feel is fine, everyone is right where they are meant to be based on their Soul’s plan. We all need to be able to see that about each other and respect that everyone has their own journey. I am not writing this to judge anyone or make them feel unworthy, so don’t go around attacking people because they aren’t ready to see their patterns. I am simply writing this so you can understand for yourself why things happen the way they do, in hopes that you will in time be able to heal, evolve, be at peace, and help others in their process.

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