Akashic Records Sessions

  • If you are not familiar with the akashic records, for a better understanding, please read the Akashic Records page.
  • Please set aside an hour for the Akashic Record Sessions. Each session varies in length, depending on how many blocks and restrictions each person has, but the sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes. Once I am done with the work I need to do in your akashic record, I will have a better idea of how long it will take; if I feel like you will need more than 60 minutes, I will let you know prior to the session.
  • The Soul Realignment Session is a pre-requisite to all the other Akashic Record Sessions. The information in these sessions is very important, and it will greatly help you if you need any other session afterwards.

Soul Realignment Session – $155.00

(Pre-requisite to all other Akashic Record Sessions)

This session is a very in depth look into your Divine Soul Blueprint. Before the session I will email you a copy of the outline of your Soul Blueprint so that you can easily follow along. We will first go through who you are at a soul level. You will find out information, such as, where your soul originated, what your divine gifts are, how your soul is specifically designed to manifest the most effectively on the Earth plane (3D) and more. Then we will go through how in alignment you currently are to your Soul’s Blueprint. After that we go through any blocks and restrictions that are currently causing issues in your life. These are not always blocks and restrictions created in your current incarnation, some are carried over from past lives. Lastly, with your permission, and working with Divine guidance and support, I can work to help clear all the blocks and restrictions out of your Soul’s akashic record. I give you a lot of information in these sessions, so instead of having you take notes, I record the session. That way you can pay attention during the session, and I will email the recording to you afterwards, along with other information to help you.

Life Situation Reading – $122.00

These sessions are for clients who want to resolve specific issues that they are currently encountering. Once you purchase a session, I will be sending you an email, asking you to send me a list of every issue in any area of your life. More than one of your life issues, that seem unrelated, may all be connected through one underlying pattern that is running in your akashic record. Even if the situation seems minor, if it is bothering you, I might as well find the energetic root and give you the option to clear it out, so please include it.

Chakra Analysis Session – $66.00

These sessions are to check for imbalances in your chakras, and to help you clear the imbalances so you can realign your chakra system. A chakra imbalance can be underactive or overactive, and they are usually caused by lifestyle imbalances.

Life Lessons Session – $88.00

When your Soul incarnates it chooses lessons for you to experience. In this session we uncover your lesson “curriculum” to understand what your Soul desires for it’s experience within this incarnation.

Relationship Sessions – $111.00

These sessions are for any type of relationship and they are designed to offer insights and perspectives on how a relationship contributes to your own experience. I also investigate specifically what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively affecting you in the area of relationships.

Spirit Guide Profile Reading – $111.00

We each have spirit guides specifically assigned to us for this current lifetime. In this session, I find out who your guides are within your inner circle and your outer circle. I will get their specific purpose for serving you, along with detailed information to help you know who to call on when you need assistance.

Property Clearing – $66.00

Just like each soul, each property has an akashic record. We are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned with us. It is not uncommon, that, after someone has done a soul realignment session or had other healing work done, they become vibrationally misaligned to their property. At this point, a person can be quite sensitive to their environment, especially if it is shared with other people.

Coaching Sessions

Soul Coaching Session – $30.00, $45.00, $60.00

(These sessions are $1 per minute, so choose the payment amount based on a 30, 45- or 60-minute session)

Although, a Soul Realignment Session is not required before these sessions, it is very helpful. There is not a specific structure to these sessions, it depends on what the client is going through and their needs at the time. These are the sessions my clients tend to schedule most frequently after they have had a Soul Realignment Session; because as they are going through their awakening, there are a lot of things that come up that they need help navigating through. With my ability to see things from a higher perspective, I can help them understand what is actually happening that they aren’t seeing; and help them understand why it’s happening so they can get through their situations being more at peace and being able to keep their faith intact.

  • Fear is an issue that most people need help working through and eliminating. If this is what you want help with in your session, please make a list before hand of the fears you can think of that you want to work through. I will also pick up on fears you may not realize you have during the session, so don’t worry if you’re forgetting some. I will help you identify them, figure out the root of where they came from and why you have them so that you can let them go and overcome them.
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